Is it possible to build a successful career not in the specialty?

The choice of profession has always been and is an important and difficult decision. Being born, we do not all know who we want to be – a doctor, an astronaut or a prime minister. And few students know, submitting documents to universities, what they want to do in the future. However, for the indecisive it will be good news that, in general, there are many professions for which it does not matter what field you received the diploma, provided that you at least have a qualification with a level above average and also a set of certain qualities. If you are not sure yet what you want to do, read this article to get an idea of ​​professions for which, although you need a diploma, but studying a certain subject is not mandatory.

Public service

Accelerated training groups in the civil service system is not only a program for recruiting graduates to the civil service, but also a body responsible for the development and implementation of the political course. It includes many professions (25, to be precise), starting with the legal sphere and work with personnel and to the sphere of information technology and communication services. There are various accelerated training programs for each of these activities that allow you to choose the activity you like. All you need to get you selected is a diploma with above-average grades in any subject. When you apply, an assessment is performed, through which your verbal and analytical thinking skills are tested, and a survey is also conducted with it to test your competence. From their mouths the following sounds: “There are no age restrictions and no matter how long you graduated. In fact, we are interested in your skills, attitude and worldview – this is exactly the subject of our search during the selection process. ” By choosing this solid career path with a relatively low salary at first, you can be part of a team that helps lead the country.

Management Consulting

Management consulting is a job that helps a particular business to go more efficiently and is a popular profession among graduates specializing in various fields. Despite the fact that this type of activity is focused on business, you do not need to have a level of it in order to succeed in this career. Any diploma with ratings above average is a good indicator for you. The best thing you can do is choose the subject that you like to study, because then you graduate with the best skill level and it will look more impressive (besides, you need to have high performance for the competitive environment, so you need to do everything possible to provide a good academic profile). Analytical thinking is also required, but if you wish, you will develop it, whatever the level. In addition, you will be expected to have other personal qualities, such as honesty, empathy and the ability to communicate clearly.


Another option for graduates, regardless of their subject – is retail. To illustrate the opportunity to make good money in this sector, let’s look at one specific example. In the network of one budget supermarket in the UK there is a well-known program for university graduates offering an unusually high initial salary (an impressive £ 41,000 a year), as well as a good social package, for example, a car of the Audi A4 brand provided by a company that all expenses for it. They are looking for charismatic individuals with a diploma and above-average marks, and they don’t care what kind of specialty a diploma will be. In their opinion, a diploma only shows that “you not only give hope and are actively interested in something, but also have a strong work ethic. You are in every new task that comes your way. In addition to this, you will have an obligation to work 50 hours a week, thus including weekends. ”


If you want to become a journalist, in this case it does not matter what your diploma is – some well-known and successful journalists do not have it at all. Nevertheless, it is useful that it still be, as any diploma will teach you the qualities necessary for a future journalist: for example, sensitivity and the ability to clearly communicate in a written format. However, you are not required to have it in journalism or in any related subjects, such as English or politics. You can choose a journalist specialization by associating it with what you have learned. For example, if you have a degree in the exact sciences, you could make a career as a journalist in the field of scientific news, although you could also make reports related to something else. Having recovered after graduation from an accreditation course for journalists, you will be on the right track, although this is not a requirement. Internship and work experience may be the best way for you to take the first step in this competitive profession.


The essence of this profession is to convince people to buy a product or service. Today it affects many types of media, including the traditional press, advertising, social networks, e-mail and other means of information. Since university education in any field involves the teaching of significant skills, such as effective dialogue, the ability for quantitative, analytical thinking, etc., then in this case, if you want to do marketing, it does not matter for you what subject you have a diploma (for example, some employers specifically look for candidates with a diploma in business). Many of the skills necessary for success in this work, in any case, are acquired “in the process”. As a student, you, for example, are unlikely to be highly knowledgeable in the trade industry (even if you have work experience, which will definitely be an advantage in this competitive field). You will quickly learn to understand the audience, and those communication skills that you developed during your diploma will soon become more adaptable, so that you can intuitively reach out to various audiences, selling them a certain product or service.


Public relations professionals are people responsible for the strategic connection of enterprises and other organizations with the general public, the purpose of which is to create the favor of the latter to a particular organization. Typically, this includes modeling a positive image through the media, as well as preventing or opposing the spread of disastrous stories about an enterprise or organization. Naturally, it is necessary that the ability to communicate (both in writing and verbally) was one of your strengths, if you want to succeed in this lesson. In addition, it is important that you are creative and have the skill of interpersonal relationships. A diploma in humanities, such as English, history or any language, can be more harmonious with the public relations profession, as you will have more experience with writing something, but in any case, any diploma will create a good one. The basis for the occupation of this profession.


Concluding in itself several possible roles, advertising is the profession that you can practice with a diploma in any field. You can be a customer service manager – responsible for communicating with them, as well as planning campaigns based on the requirements of these customers. You can be an advertising copywriter whose task is to write bright slogans or scripts for sale. If you have a diploma in information technology, you could usefully apply your skills by engaging in advertising in the digital space: for example, in social networks or in the pay-per-click model (you can see similar advertisements at the top or on the sides search, as well as other websites). This profession requires creativity, but you do not need to have a diploma in this field. In addition to this, you will need analytical skills, because advertising involves making decisions: for example, when and how to achieve the maximum possible impact through an advertising campaign.


From elementary school teachers to lecturers in higher education, there is always a need for teachers at every level of education, so it doesn’t matter what subjects you took the exams for a diploma. This choice is always an opportunity for you; moreover, it is usually necessary to go through another year of study to obtain a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. Naturally, you can choose a specific subject for teaching, however, besides this, there are enough opportunities for specialization in any field of education: for example, you can focus on teaching children with special needs or, say, English for foreigners (if you love to travel, you can even teach it abroad).

One of the ways to integrate into the field of teaching or to acquire through it valuable leadership skills that in the future can be applied in other professions – these are CELTA / DELTA programs that can be taken in language schools in the UK.

Own business

In the end, if none of the activities you are not particularly impressed, you have the choice to “act alone,” starting your own business. Self-employment entails a greater level of risk, compared with permanent full-time work, because you never know how much money you will make in the next month. You also do not have paid sick days, regulated vacations and holidays. However, as your own master, you have the flexibility that you would not have if you worked for someone else who would control your future and personal life. If you are an independent entrepreneur, you are free in your actions, since you can start a company by doing something that brings you pleasure, and this is a powerful motivator that makes it much easier to get up early in the morning and when you need to devote many hours to your business to succeed. . Some graduates prefer to start their business in their free time, while working for someone else (which, in turn, teaches valuable skills for their business), and on occasion they become completely independent entrepreneurs as soon as their business begins to grow and generate income

Intelligence service

Have you ever dreamed of being a real James Bond? Career path in the intelligence services of the UK and other countries “Intelligence service” is possible if you have passed the exam on a certain level. For example, to become an agent of M16 service, you need to have at least a diploma with academic performance above the average in any specialty and work experience in order to be selected for the “Program of development of intelligence agents”. The selection process proceeds strictly, and you absolutely can not tell anyone that you are participating in the selection (except for one of the close family members or your colleague). In addition to other things, such services are looking for people who can demonstrate “in reality their real achievements in the academic environment and in the work / life experience that complements it”, as well as “exceptional interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence”. Also for this role it is desirable to be fairly fluent in the language, so if you think that this career path might interest you, then you need to think about it beforehand.

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