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We get a higher education in England – which university to choose? Your decision depends on your priorities; no one else can advise which university is right for you. What we can do is provide you with the facts, for a more informed choice. Adhering to this principle, in this article we consider a variety of universities, each of which can be said that it ranks first among many others, thanks to one or another thing. Praises for different universities may be subjective in this article, but at least this should inspire you a little and also provide an alternative, which differs from the information, in university guides.

Oxbridge – the best for academic studies

It is impossible to choose one of the two, since both Oxford and Cambridge are among the leading universities in world rankings.

The secret of success lies in the curator system, in which students feel the distinct advantage of individual learning among the best minds in the world. There is much more work with students at Oxford and Cambridge than with students at other universities; they also receive individual attention, due to which it is impossible not to be involved in intense academic discussion, stimulating the mind and developing academic skills. Moreover, the environment in these universities is suitable for research activities, and there is also a scholarly atmosphere created by the status of two respectable, ancient, educational centers, thanks to magnificent buildings, small collegiate communities, unsurpassed libraries and other academic facilities.

Best for the arts – University of Warwick

The world of art flourishes in most universities, but hardly anyone can compare in this respect with the University of Warwick. It houses the most modern Warwick Art Center – the venue for all kinds of activities related to this area, undertaken throughout the year. Yielding in size only to London Barbican, this room, or rather five rooms, is a place where students, teachers and locals can enjoy the same way from different types of visual and performing arts. In this luxurious center you can enjoy delightful cultural innovations, among which will be music of any genre, plays, comedies, dances and literary readings. If you are interested in visual and / or performing arts, then you can hardly find another university conducting similar events that would be as worthy as the University of Warwick.

Best for Communities – University of Sheffield

It is difficult to single out any one university that is suitable for this characteristic more than the others, when such higher educational institutions are located throughout the country, providing an impressive range of student communities. They cover every possible interests in their role and place in life, sports or hobbies. Sheffield University at times seems quite well-advertised, like a university with the best student communities, largely due to its winning award, the Lemon Fresh Society. Being the perfect union to make new friends, it specializes in creating puzzles and challenging tasks that students solve as a team. It could be something like a “Halloween murder riddle” or a “scavenger hunt” game in the city. Sheffield University is also a haven for various communities dedicated to automatic control and monitoring systems, as well as to Zumbe, baking, filmmaking and even the flute choir – all this can be found among the endless variety of communities offered.

Best for nightlife – University of Newcastle

The city of Newcastle upon Tyne, located in the north of the United Kingdom, is known for its nightlife, and therefore its main university is naturally chosen for “better nightlife”. This is not only our opinion: Newcastle won the first place in questioning students about their impressions, thanks to its enviable mass of pubs, clubs and bars offered in this friendly city. Moreover, it is popular not only among fans of club life: there are many options for those who prefer quieter evenings, including the cinema, night swimming and quiz nights.

Best in Architecture – University of Cambridge

Oxford students will undoubtedly find our choice concerning the University of Cambridge, which we consider to be the best from an architectural point of view, doubtful. This is due to the fact that Cambridge is a smaller city than Oxford, and aesthetically attractive colleges with their refined architectural structures and ideal short-cut lawns are more prevalent in it. Among its most famous buildings is the ornate chapel of the Royal College, under the roof of which there is a world-renowned choir, better known for its performance of traditional Christmas carols on audio and video recordings, as well as on television performances on Christmas Eve. It must be said that the choir is not strongly connected with the unsurpassed architecture of the city, however, the magnificent composition of the chapel, without a doubt, gives its sound perfect acoustics. Moreover, the chapel may seem familiar in appearance, since it was built as a Cambridge counterpart to the Eton College, which is proud of its equally impressive chapel.

Best in Tourism – University of Edinburgh

In the United Kingdom there are many universities located in active places for tourism: these are the universities of London and, of course, Bath, Cambridge and Oxford. But since we do not want to be quite predictable, we chose the University of Edinburgh as the best university in the United Kingdom for those who want to indulge themselves and be a tourist during their studies at the university. As well as the world famous Edinburgh Castle, which occupies the majority of the city’s skyline, there are plenty of other things to see and do in this exciting city. For starters, there is an extinct volcano here, which no other city in the United Kingdom, whose name is Arthur’s Seat, can boast of. Quickly climbing on it, you can see amazing views of the city with a 360-degree view. There are many tours and mysterious walks that you can take to explore the windy streets of the city, visit the Royal Botanic Gardens, taste Scotch whiskey and so on. Edinburgh is also the venue for exciting events. For example, every summer it hosts the famous comedy festival Fringe, as well as the world-famous Hogman, celebrated on the eve of the New Year. On top of all this, the University of Edinburgh is located close to other major Scottish attractions, including Loch Ness, home to the legendary Loch Ness monster, and the magnificent Scottish Highlands, representing majestic, wild landscapes, of which Queen Victoria was a big fan.

University of Sheffield – the best location

Universities are mainly located in cities, located in the heart of the urban landscape. Therefore, we must analyze the landscape issue on the basis of what is near the campus. For this reason, we chose the University of Sheffield. Almost right on the threshold of its door is the magnificent “Rocky Land” (Peak District) – the largest, main national park in Britain. Located just five miles from Sheffield, this place is considered ideal for students who consider themselves to be villagers, as they can easily leave the city and escape to stay among the harsh landscapes. Not only the natural landscapes of the Rocky Territory make this place so attractive, there is also Chatsworth House – the magnificent, stunning residence of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. Having passed only twenty five minutes from Sheffield, you can enjoy the splendor of the landscape, personally decorated by Lancelot Brown “Skillful”.

Best for studying off the coast – St. Andrew’s University

Some British universities are located near the sea, which has a strengthening effect on health. Such university cities and towns are Portsmouth, Southampton, Aberystwyth, Bangor, Bournemouth and some others. However, our vote is given in favor of the University of St. Andrew, since it is not only located by the sea, but also brilliantly and academically. Being the oldest university in Scotland, it occupies the small town of St. Andrews, which seems to be an ideal place for those who like to breathe in the invigorating sea air, as well as wander along the sandy shores while studying at the university (even when the northern latitude of the city the sea suggests pretty cool weather). In addition, besides watching the sea, in this city you can also see the world famous golf championship site.

Best in terms of school-owned museums – Oxford University

Universities and museums are naturally combined with each other, but the fact that no British university can claim such an incredible collection of museums as the University of Oxford is reasoned. The jewel in the crown of this prestigious university series of museums is the Ashmola Museum, which was the first to initiate the idea of ​​a university museum. So, as if this museum and its extraordinary collection were not enough, Oxford University can also boast of many other fantastic museums, including the Pitt River Museum (anthropology), the Museum of Natural Science (fossils and other similar items), the Beit collection of musical instruments, the History Museum art, as well as some others. Of course, the university also owns the Bodlian Library, which, despite its work as a reference library, is also open for sightseeing tours and various exhibitions. In addition to this, it was part of the Bodlian library that turned into the Hogwarts library in the Harry Potter films, bragging about these rights and claiming them from under its roof.

Best for Sports – Loughborough University

Despite the fact that most universities abound in sports clubs and participate in high-profile competitions, Loughborough is probably the most famous university in terms of its athletic prowess (if you do not take into account the rowing competitions between the universities of Oxford and Cambridge). He has the largest scholarship program in the sports field, so it is not surprising that this is a hotbed for international talent in the field of athletics. The sports facilities at Loughborough University are so good that it was chosen as the training site for the UK team (“Team GB”) at the 2012 Olympics. The Olympic participants Paul Redcliffe and Lord Sab Kou are both graduates of this university, which should to some extent tell you about the sporting achievements of this school.

Best for Viking Fans – University College London

It is one of only two universities in Britain (the other is located in Nottingham), which may offer a student a degree in Viking studies. You are not only closely acquainted with the history, archeology and languages ​​of the Vikings, but also spend a year abroad in the Scandinavian University. If you once wanted to speak like a Viking, then a four-year course will allow you to achieve almost fluency in Old Norse, which can also be a major number in order to sometimes impress your friends. Nevertheless, we also have to nod approvingly in favor of York University and its Viking lovers: this city has a deep Scandinavian heritage, and also boasts its famous “Viking center Yorvik” – a place that everyone must visit at least once who is even slightly interested in the Vikings.

The best to meet future / spouse / s – St. Andrew University

As Rosa’s mother from the film “Titanic” says, the goal pursued when going to the university is to find a suitable spouse. Perhaps this opinion is old-fashioned, but the fact remains that the university is the main place to meet the person with whom you will eventually get married. We could not find any current statistics on the best university to get acquainted with the future second half, so we chose a place where we met one of the most famous couples in the world. The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge met at the University of St. Andrew in an excellent way, and therefore this center of instruction at the seashore is mentioned again in this list. He studied geography, she – the history of art. He saw her when she took part in a student fashion show. And the rest is known as they say.

Best for Pant – University of Cambridge

This university appears on this list again, but this time – with achievements in panting – sailing in a flat-bottomed boat with the help of a pole. This is known as Cambridge and Oxford, but the former has a certain superiority due to a number of reasons. First, the panting routes in Cambridge will take you through the distant gardens of several of the most famous colleges — something that you cannot do at Oxford. Secondly, in Cambridge you can swim on the panthe at night, and this is an incredibly magical event creating an amazing atmosphere is again impossible at the University of Oxford. And thirdly, while in Cambridge, you can take a panthe to the nearby village of Granchester. In this place, which became famous thanks to the poem by Rupert Brooke, there is an orchard in which you can drink tea, as did well-known Cambridge graduates of times past (especially the Bloomsbury group, which included Virginia Woolf and others). Nevertheless, the Oxford panting is also a rather glorious event, which has no equivalent equivalent attraction, except for the Victoria pub (which is still not so romantic)

We hope that this list has shown you an alternative look at the most popular universities in the United Kingdom.

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